Text displays to support work safety

Text displays with scrolling script to support work safety - Application in industrial manufacturing - Simultaneous display of various fonts and sizes - Control via TCP/IP or UTP/IP network protocols.

Text displays with scrolling script for supporting work safety. Increase your employees' safety awareness. The costs of downtime caused by accidents are lowered, the premium rate for accident insurance is reduced and planning reliability and resulting productivity are increased.

WIBOND text displays with Ethernet interface may be used in all sectors of trade and industry. Examples of use can be found in industrial production, for displaying production data which serve towards employee motivation and production monitoring.

By displaying logistical information such as item numbers, goods descriptions and modes of dispatch, the maintenance-free display systems increase productivity in Dispatch and Packaging departments.

Information, such as the day's date, accident-free days and up-to-date text information is displayed.

Light-intensive display modules with a long lifetime guarantee good legibility even at a great distance. The simultaneous display of various fonts and sizes makes it possible to display various machine and system data. Control via the TCP/IP or UTP/IP network protocols makes possible transmission speeds of up to 100 MB/s and integration in any standardised data-transfer network.