WIBOND Andon-Board

The “Lean Production” as a corporate philosophy by visual production control
Key process indicators, malfunctions, production interruptions, current line and station status, Target vs. actual data and comparative unit numbers will be communicated with the Andon-Board.

All relevant key data of a production process will be visualized with the Andon-Board. This visual information display increased the productivity by real-time visualization. The employees are promptly informed about the actual performance. At once, possible errors will be displayed previously.

The WIBOND Andon-Board is a transparent information to increase productivity. Each emloyee will be supplied with target/actual data and comparison pieces about the actual performance. This awakes their ambition to improve performance.

The open communication can premature reveal the possible faults and problems, so that employess can react immediately. This achieves a higher production flow with the same or fewer personnel.

The better communication motivates the informed worker and avoids loss of production. With the Andon-System, each employee develops a sense for the company's success.
Productivity = transparent information + motivation