Electronic large display

Customised manufacture of large display - Display of times of arrival and departure or flight departue times at railway stations or airports - for indoor and outdoor use - LED display or LCD display for digits, text, scrolling text or graphics

WIBOND Informationssysteme GmbH large electronic display and display panels have the advantage of letting you use several displays including ones of different types, at the same time. Thus the information is available where it is required. Even connecting to the widest variety of machines is not a problem for WIBOND.

A WIBOND display panel can be integrated in any existing data-processing system and the resulting data reused.

The customised manufacture makes use possible in almost all areas, for example, as a station display or at the airport for displaying arrival and departure times or flight departure times or timetables.
Large displays can be found in industry as temperature displays or in traffic control technology as a car-park routeing system.

Depending on its application, the required display is designed and equipped with LED display or LCD displays for showing digits, text, scrolling text or graphics. The industry-compatible design in protection categories IP54, IP65 and IP67 allows the displays to be used even in a rough indoor and outdoor environment.