ProScreen - Intelligent information system for the production

Increasing productivity by real-time visualization - Productivity = Information + Motivation

The WIBOND ProScreen system consists of one or several WIBOND ProScreens and an extensive software package.

WIBOND DisplayServer DSSThe Display Server is the interface to the customer data.
WIBOND ProScreenManagerThe parameterization of the ProScreens via network will be made with the ProScreenManager.
WIBOND ProView SoftwareThe software ProView enables the user the free and application specific creation and administration of dynamic presentations as well as the integration of periphery into the Andon System.

The optional WIBOND-ACO module system enlarges the monitor functionality with various interfaces: PROFIBUS, PROFINET, further GPIOs, A/D converter, WLAN, modem, etc.

  • Properties
  • Target/Actual/Trend calculation / cycle time, Bargraph function, shift-calendar
  • Assignment of ProScreen options and/or database contents to the display fields (Interpretation of gate inputs and/or triggering of acoustic signals)
  • Manual and automatic display of information texts. Especially via ProView defined areas of the ProScreen can be used for the call up of text messages
  • Actually displayed values on the ProScreen can be recalled on the PC workstation
  • Optional connection to customer database via DSS or DCS