Optimize the warehouse organization and manufacturing processes with Pick-to-Light
The employee will be leaded during order picking - mistakes are prevented

The WIBOND PickVision system has a modular structur.

  • Warehouse and production processes optimisation with the following targets:
  • Better order picking performance through reducing picking times
  • Avoidance of errors (wrong article, wrong quantity, etc.)
  • The ways for order picking and production will be reduced
  • No inventory differences
  • Avoiding of complaints (Image loss)

The WIBOND PickVision system is a hardware and software platform with a modular structure, which allows to build independent stand-alone solutions as well as integral visualization platforms with the character of a control station (integrated in the corporate IT).

The graphical user interface (PickVisionManager) allows - without special EDV-knowledges - a very easy parameterization and connection of the system to the IT infrastructure of the company. A connection to SAP is also possible.

Poka Yoke order picking system for the workplace logistics:
In the system "Poka-Yoke-Pick-to-Light" every shelf has an integrated intervention monitoring. If the employee uses a wrong shelf by mistake, he will get an acoustical and optical feedback immediately. Than he has the possibility to correct the mistake. To lead the worker in the picking process it is possible to switch the system from "parallel picking" to "serial picking". Than one by one of the picking shelfs will be displayed.