Manufacturing data for work safety - LED display or LCD technology

Ticker, graphic or numbers can me realized with a display - control via all common interfaces.

WIBOND Informationssysteme GmbH target/actual trend displays show manufacturing employees the current production status and thus increase their natural motivation.

Through the use of large displays in the LED display or LCD technology field, productivity is increased and recording, monitoring and control of production values is made easier.
These display panels are also used for the purpose of work safety. Because of the modular structure, it is possible to produce solutions with various techniques and display modes in a single display, such as the display of scrolling script, graphics or digits.

The large display can be controlled by all the standard interfaces and field bus systems. This guarantees integration in almost any industrial automation network. As a result of the increase in productivity that can be achieved, the production data displays pay for themselves in next to no time.