LED Displays and LCD Technology

Display control of logistical processes - Information for operator prompting and monitoring of manufacturing processes - Display devices and systems of 30mm to 300mm digit height with LED technology and LCD display technology.

The necessity for transparent man-to-machine communications is being recognised by an increasing number of companies.

WIBOND Informationssysteme GmbH provides display devices and systems of 30mm to 300mm digit height as an LED display, for showing information for operator prompting and production process monitoring, as an instrument for controlling logistical processes or for displaying essential process data.

The wide range of applications is shown through the data tranfer in BCD code, via serial and parallel interface, via several BUS systems as well as through SPS-compatibility. The display of digits, texts and graphics by LED display and LCD display technology stands out for its high quality and is suitable for high industrial requirements.

The modular structure of the display devices allows solutions to be realised which are also in multiline versions and have any desired number of digits.