WIBOND's TargetVision is an independent and closed Andon system for lean production.

The Andon system is a visual information system to collect production key data as well as disturbances in real-time, to analyze them and to provide suitable presented information for the responsible employee.

The data processing happens in real-time – actual production data and disturbances will be promptly displayed for the employee. Problems will be identified early and the employee can operate. The production flow will be increased with the same or less labor.

A key advantage of the system is that is may be designed with or without a connection to the existing ERP platform (so-called closed system solution). Thereby, WIBOND's TargetVision is not only predestinated for the large industry but also for the medium-sized business. The WIBOND TargetVision is a flexible, independent and freely scalable Andon system. It is a modular system related to hardware and software and can be tailored according to your individual requirements in the manufacturing area - independent from the number of production lines. For the optimal integration of the system into your production processes we offer additional functions, for example acoustic signals, Email or SMS information as well as line stop functions.