Video wall

Full graphics display with 4, 16, 256 and 16 million colours - Screen Vision: Full-colour video wall with RGB LED technology - Data are transmitted in HTML format via Ethernet - Multimedia display for presentations - Full graphics-enabled with 16 million colours.

The WIBOND "ScreenVision" full graphics display makes possible a multimedia, flexible display of important information. Manufacturing-specific data such as fault reports, quality data, system screens, orientation plans and logistics data can be displayed in a colour spectrum of 4, 16 and 256 colours, with the LED display. Information applicable to all departments and thus a specific reaction to changed production environments can be made possible by the higher level of legibility at a great distance.When used as a full-colour video wall with RGB LED technology, the large display makes it possible to see company presentations and videos, as well as graphics in 16:9 aspect ratio.The data are transmitted in HTML format via Ethernet. The integrated PC has a soundcard, so that music or other audio information can be imported. Its full graphics capability with 16 million colours makes the "ScreenVision" particularly suitable for the commercial sector. In this case, gain variants such as S video, VGA, BNC and TVI come as standard. Whether it be at presentations, events or trade fairs, WIBOND provides an individual presentation medium in its audiovisual multimedia display.